■ Payment is a global online payment processing solution for  ecommerce businesses with a local presence in one or more markets by simply connecting to GMO-PG Global Platform, ecommerce businesses will be able to accept multiple payment methods in multiple countries.



Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia(Planned)


■Payment solutions

■Value Proposition

Settlement method:Coverage of all local settlement methods

・Through collaboration with local  businesses, we can provide the most popular payment methods for each country.

・Businesses don’t have to execute research, negotiation, contract and system implementation on their own for each country

Support structure:Direct support for each country

・We will provide support in Japanese not only in Japan but also at all our local entities.

Calculation:All the proceeds are calculated for each country

・The proceeds will be transferred in local currency for each country, therefore our clients don’t have to worry about exchange rate risk etc.

Expansion support:We provide complete expansion support service (Test Marketing etc.)

・  We will support non-face-to-face businesses such as e-commerce via our network of partner companies with delivery, Public relations, marketing and etc.