GMO-PG Enhances Payment Methods for Overseas Payment Processing Service “ Payment”

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GMO-PG Enhances Payment Methods

for Overseas Payment Processing Service “ Payment”

To meet high demand in e-commerce in Taiwan

for a “Convenience store pickup and payment” service


As of November 22, 2016 (Tue), GMO-PG has started offering as a part of “ Payment”, its overseas payment service for e-commerce operators in Japan, a “Convenience store pickup and payment” service which will enable customers to go to a convenience store to pick up their goods and pay at the same time.

Taiwan is one of the countries and regions where “ Payment” is offered, where convenience store payment methods(*1) are frequently used(*2), following credit cards.

As such, GMO-PG has now added a “Convenience store pickup and payment” service to the “credit card payment” and “convenience store payment (settlement only)” that it already offers,

which will enable e-commerce businesses aimed at customers in Taiwan to cover a broader scope of needs in payment methods and to reach out to more buyers.

(*1) There are two ways to settle payments at convenience stores in Taiwan: paying on receipt of goods at a convenience store and

settling payments alone at a convenience store.

(*2) Source: “2015 Visa study on consumers of e-commerce services” released on November 17, 2015

【Background and Overview

The B to C e-commerce market in Taiwan has been posting double-digit growth each year, and further growth is expected on the back of forecasts for approximately 2.5 trillion yen(*3) in 2016.

Geographically close to Japan for logistical convenience and with similarities in its customs and culture to those in Japan,

Taiwan is one of the easiest overseas regions for Japanese companies to expand their business.


In a bid to support Japanese e-commerce businesses making advances into the Taiwan market, GMO-PG established a branch of its Hong Kong subsidiary in March 2014 and has been offering its overseas payment service, “ Payment”.

It formed an alliance with Neweb Technologies Co., Ltd., a major payment processing agent in Taiwan, in August 2015 and is accelerating its business in Greater China.


“ Payment” offers payment processing methods to e-commerce businesses such as “credit card payment”, the most often used method in the e-commerce industry in Taiwan, and “convenience store payment (settlements only)”.

And in an effort to enhance its convenience store payment processing service and to further bolster its support for Japanese e-commerce operators advancing into the Taiwan market, it has now added a “Convenience store pickup and payment” service,

which will enable businesses aimed at Taiwan to offer a ”Convenience store pickup and payment” service to their customers and to help them acquire new clientele that had previously been beyond their reach.

(*3) Calculated by GMO-PG based on information from Euromonitor, Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute, Taiwan, and other sources.


About the “Convenience store pickup and payment” service

The “Convenience store pickup and payment” service being added to “ Payment” at this time will enable customers to pick up goods which they have purchased on an e-commerce site and pay at a convenience store(*4) at the same time.

The customer may select “Convenience store pickup and payment” and specify their choice of a convenience store when they purchase their goods.

Notification will arrive by social media when the goods have arrived at the designated convenience store where the customer may pick up and pay for their purchase.

Advantages for buyers

・Unlike cash on delivery payments, customers will be able to pick up and pay for their goods at their convenience, 24 hours a day(*5).

・Customers will be able to designate convenience stores in convenient locations, such as near their home or workplace.


Advantages for e-commerce businesses

・Businesses will be able to bring in new clientele:

 “buyers who do not use credit cards”, “buyers who are seldom home and are unable to receive deliveries” who could not be covered with cash on delivery methods, and

  “buyers who tend to avoid direct contact with delivery businesses”.

・Businesses will be able to anticipate increased sales from the expanded reach to customers in Taiwan.

(*4) Services for “ Payment” available at convenience stores affiliated with the Neweb Technologies Group.

(*5) Goods must be picked up within a week from arrival at a designated convenience store.

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