GMO Payment Gateway, Inc. announces strategic investment in MACROKIOSK

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GMO Payment Gateway, Inc. announces strategic investment in MACROKIOSK,

the world’ s leading(*1)  mobile payment・authentication・notification・enterprise mobility enabler

~Expanding business in Southeast Asia~

GMO Internet Group company GMO Payment Gateway, Inc.(“GMO-PG”)(TSE Stock Code:3769, CEO:Issei Ainoura), one of Japan’s largest payment service providers offering comprehensive payment services and financial services,

announced today that GMO-PG has entered into an investment agreement effective August 30, 2016 to acquire a substantial stake in Macro Kiosk Group (”MACROKIOSK”) from Goh Chee Ken,

Goh Chee Heng and Goh Chee Seng (being the founders and management of MACROKIOSK, “the Goh Brothers”) for an undisclosed amount of money.

GMO-PG will make direct cash investments into MACROKIOSK to further grow its global footprint. 

MACROKIOSK (Goh Brothers, Founders) is the leading complete end to end mobile payment, authentication, notification(*2) and enterprise mobility solutions enabler based in Malaysia,

and it reaches out to 37 countries into 18 industries with more than 2,000 clients consisting of local and international banks and financial institutions, global aviation companies and low cost carriers,

branded and licensed content providers, integrated hotels and resorts, satellite and broadcasting companies and similar other multinational companies in the Asia region.

MACROKIOSK is backed by a strong workforce of more than 250 staffs and has a presence in the 12 countries of Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China,

Macau, Indonesia, the Philippines, Australia, Taiwan and the United Arab Emirates

The investment of GMO-PG in MACROKIOSK will benefit and strengthen its continuous expansion of business in Southeast Asia

by allowing it to offer overseas assistance to E-Commerce merchants from Japan and payment services to local banks, financial institutions and leading companies in Southeast Asia.

(*1)Base on an in-company investigation of GMO-PG

(*2) Notification: Notifications to a user's mobile device regarding the deposit and withdrawal of internet banking, usage history of e-commerce and other actions.


【Background and Overview】

Malaysia, which has a population of more than 30 million people, had a GDP growth rate in 2015 of 5% (*3) and is forecasted to keep growing,

so it has attracted a lot of attention as one of the most booming countries in Southeast Asia. The internet banking penetration rate in Malaysia has been increasing from

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